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2 Ways To Ensure Mold Containment During Cleanup

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

Mold Quarantine Mold containment in College Grove, TN.

Mold Containment During Cleanup: 2 Methods

With storms blowing through in places like College Grove, TN, mold growth in a commercial building can quickly become a problem that brings business to a standstill. After the damage has been identified and assessed, quick mold cleanup and proper removal are essential to avoid any type of mold contamination spreading through other parts of the building. The following are two approaches that can be taken to avoid the spreading of mold spores.

1. Proper Air Filtration

To make certain that mold cleanup goes without a hitch, the air filtration system in the commercial building should be utilized to stop cross-contamination. Mold spores are transferred through airflow, which can cause the spreading of mold growth through cross-contamination. All HVAC systems, including heating and air, may need to have their airflow systems blocked to maintain the containment of the affected mold area. Understanding this and putting a stop to the transferring of air throughout a building is important to avoid mold contamination.

2. Negative Air Pressure

Mold contamination specialists may also utilize further methods to avoid cross-contamination of mold spores. Different approaches, such as the use of negative air pressure or physical barriers, may be employed to help in the cleanup process. Negative air pressure prevents contaminated air from leaving the room while allowing for outside air to flow into the isolated area. This introduction of fresh, uncontaminated air can help prevent further growth from occurring in the affected area while also ensuring the contaminated air does not leave the area.

Dealing with mold cleanup in a commercial building in College Grove, TN, can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Understanding the process and methods to avoid cross-contamination can be crucial in helping to avoid unnecessary damage. Properly utilizing the airflow system in a commercial building and potentially manipulating air pressure is exactly what is needed to ensure mold containment during cleanup.

5 Usual Causes of Most House Fires

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

Burned kitchen, cabinet and ceiling covered with soot Being mindful of fire risks will save your home from extensive damage.

The 5 Most Common Causes Of House Fires

A fire can strike your home in Spring Hill, TN from many different sources. You can prevent a home fire from affecting your property by learning about these five common causes.

1. Appliance Fires

Most commonly, residential fires are caused by an appliance. These come are typically a kitchen fire spreading. These can also be from washing machines, dryers, fridges, air conditioning units or grills.

This type can be prevented by regular inspection and maintenance. If you ever feel any appliance is dangerously malfunctioning, it’s best to turn it off until you can confirm that it is safe.

2. Heating

As the second most common of residential fire causes, heating systems can quickly turn a nice warm flame into a blaze. When using a space heater, it should be kept away from anything flammable and never left unattended. Fireplaces are also dangerous if chimneys are not kept clean.

3. Candles

While candles may set a mood, your mood will sour if a home fire happens. Bedrooms are susceptible to candle fires since you may fall asleep while they burn, so you should put them out if you feel tired. Candles should be placed in a safe area clear of anything flammable while being always watched.

4. Electrical and Lighting Equipment

Electrical equipment offers an improved quality of life, but that does not come without risks. A damaged cord or faulty wiring can lead to a fire. Cords should be inspected before plugging anything in and occasionally checked afterwards.

5. Holiday Items

Temporary decorations in your home, such as a Christmas tree or scarecrow, should be kept away from flames or electrical components. When celebrating, fireworks are best used away from your home and grassy fields. Holidays are a time to be especially mindful of every fire hazard.

Being mindful of fire risks will save your home from extensive damage. If fire strikes, fire cleaning can be requested from a trained fire restoration crew. Most of the common sources of a home fire, luckily, are preventable with mindfulness.

How To Save Your Belongings From Smoke Damage

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchen counter, plate with brownies, coffee maker, kitchen cabinets Check if any of your items have smoke damage.

The effects of a house fire can be terrible. Your first concern is the safety of your family members. You’re probably then worried about whether you’ll be able to salvage your home. You probably also have many belongings you hope to preserve. While some things might be a lost cause, with proper dry-cleaning and other methods, you can save some belongings, even if they were damaged by the smoke.

Inspect Your Home

The best thing to do for full-scale content cleaning after a fire in your Brentwood, TN, home is to contact professionals. A trusted company will send representatives to first inspect the affected area.

  • Inspect and test rooms the fire directly affected as well as adjacent rooms.
  • Check for smoke damage to the floor, walls and items.
  • Check for leftover soot.

Board and Tarp

In order to prevent any further damage, the professionals will board up windows and place large tarps over damaged portions of the roof or siding. The company representative may also discuss your options for content storage while the restoration process is underway. By boarding your home and putting tarps over vulnerable spots, you can avoid further damage.

Get rid of Smoke and Soot

It’s vital to remove this damage as soon as possible. The professionals have high-quality methods to not only clean and sanitize affected areas but also to remove the lingering smells smoke leaves behind.

Clean and Sanitize

Smoke can do extensive damage to all areas of your home. The professional company you choose will send technicians to use dry-cleaning and other proven cleaning and sanitizing agents to help ensure your home is as close to the state it was in before the fire occurred.

Dry-cleaning, sanitizing, and preservation are critical to this restoration process. When you have the pros on your side, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you will once again have a livable home.

The Facts About Water Damage and Insurance Coverage

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

standing water on floor, water damage in a home Water damage in Nolensville, TN.

You may not think much about your homeowner’s insurance coverage on a daily basis, but you’re sure grateful for it when you need it most. The right coverage can save you thousands of dollars and a whole lot of hassles. Some people aren’t sure whether their policy covers a basement flood. If you’re wondering the same thing about your Nolensville, TN, home, it’s important to understand the limited benefits of your insurance plan.

What Your Insurance Won’t Cover

It’s first critical to know what a typical homeowner’s insurance coverage won’t take care of. There are a handful of issues you should be aware of if water gets into your house.

• You have water damage because of poorly maintained plumbing or appliances.

• You’ve got a flooded basement because of outside water or sewage line.

• Homeowner’s insurance won’t cover typical flooding, such as a basement flood, regardless of the cause, including storms, overflowing water or draining issues.

Coverage for Your Dwelling

While your insurance won’t take care of a flood, it should help you out if your home has sustained water damage because of a faulty appliance. For example, if your refrigerator leaks water onto your floor or if your washer hose breaks and spills water everywhere, your coverage should take effect. Your insurance will help pay for the repairs of this damage.

Personal Property

Similarly, if problems with appliances or pipes damage personal items such as computers or other electronics, your insurance should cover the costs. In these cases, it’s important to speak to your agent, who will help you determine the extent of your coverage.

Take Note of Damage

Before you call a restoration professional to clean up any damage, take photos and make a list of damaged items so you can provide these to your insurance agent.

While traditional homeowner’s insurance won’t cover a basement flood, it will help you out in other similar situations. Become familiar with your insurance today.

Your Annual Furnace Maintenance Checklist

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Technician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it. Furnace maintenance.

Does Furnace Need Annual Maintenance?

Have you ever tried to turn your furnace on in the winter and felt a jolt of panic when it wouldn’t work properly? This type of situation can be both inconvenient and dangerous, depending on how cold the temperature is in Thompson Station, TN, when furnace problems strike. Malfunctioning furnaces can also pose a fire risk. If your furnace does catch on fire, you’ll need to hire fire cleaning and smoke cleaning professionals to repair the damage.

Fortunately, regular maintenance can prevent most unexpected furnace problems so you have heat when you need it the most. Here are a few of the top items that should be included in your annual furnace maintenance checklist.

1. Clean All Moving Parts

The moving parts in your furnace tend to stir up the air and collect dust over time. As dust collects, it can become a fire hazard and could require you to hire fire cleaning services. Keep moving parts operating efficiently by regularly cleaning the motor housing, all belts and pulleys, and the blower assembly. You’ll need to remove the front panel to access some of these parts.

2. Lubricate Oil Ports

Not all furnaces have oil ports, but if yours does, it should be lubricated every year. Simply apply two to three drops of non-detergent motor oil (10-weight) directly to each port. Be careful not to apply too much oil.

3. Inspect All Belts

If your furnace has a blower, it also has belts that can become worn out, frayed, or damaged over time. If you notice any wear and tear, replace the belts with new ones as needed.

4. Hire Professionals

Anytime you are uncomfortable maintaining your own furnace, you can hire professionals to do it for you. If you’ve already experienced some damage due to fire or smoke from your furnace, fire restoration experts can take care of your fire cleaning needs. They have the specialized tools and experience necessary to get the job done right.

How To Understand Hurricane or Windstorm Commercial Insurance

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Palm Tree Blowing In The Wind Don’t let a windstorm or hurricane in Spring Hill, TN, ruin your dream.

Do You Know What Storm Insurance Covers?

A successful, seaside business in Spring Hill, TN, is a business owner’s dream come true. If you are currently living this dream, do not let it turn into your worst nightmare. If a hurricane or tropical storm damages or destroys your business, you immediately turn to your insurance coverage for help. Do you know what storm insurance covers?

Making Sense of Terminology

When you think about storm insurance, it may be confusing at first because it differs slightly from typical commercial insurance coverage:

• This specialized insurance coverage has a separate deductible from your commercial property insurance. Rather than a set amount of money, it is a percentage of the costs associated with the hurricane damage. The range is typically 1 – 5% of the total recovery costs. In the case of a total loss, the amount out of pocket is the percentage of the value of your property.

• When your commercial property is damaged by wind, your insurance company will consider the cause. Hurricane deductibles are relevant only when damage results from a hurricane or tropical storm, typically when noted as significant by the National Weather Service. Insurance companies also consider the timing of this “trigger” event when looking at restoration coverage. Windstorm deductibles cover any other cause of wind damage.

Location, Location, Location

Policy availability and details depend on where your business is located. Not all states offer hurricane insurance. Most states that have this specific insurance are, understandably, along the East Coast where the majority of hurricane activity is in the United States. In addition to these coastal states, Texas, Mississippi and Hawaii are covered as well.

Don’t let a windstorm or hurricane in Spring Hill, TN, ruin your dream. Although it may be stressful and time-consuming, storm insurance helps you and your business recover. Partner with your commercial insurance agent and a storm restoration specialist to return your livelihood to pre-storm condition.

The Purpose of an Emergency Evacuation Drill and How to Conduct One

6/14/2021 (Permalink)

People escape to fire exit door Being ready for the real thing will require repetition and continued practice.

Disaster Preparation Tips

Unexpected events can disrupt the workplace and cause confusion, chaos, and even danger. Choosing to conduct regularly scheduled emergency training sessions can do a lot for your Brentwood, TN, employees, and your facility. Disaster preparation can prevent dangers that would harm employees and customers, and may even prevent commercial fire damage. You generate a feeling of preparedness and lessen workplace anxiety by coaching individuals during non-emergent moments. Evacuation exercises, like a fire drill, display safety protocols and keep order in the case of a crisis.

Consider Every Angle

As you prepare for a real calamity in a commercial setting, think of how to handle the worst-case scenario. As you plan to conduct an evacuation drill, there are many factors to consider. Think of individuals on your team who may be prone to anxiety in emergency situations. Consider how to help those with physical difficulties exiting the building, and include them in your evacuation planning. During a fire drill, include steps that help customers and other individuals escape your facility if a real disaster were to strike. As you customize your evacuation plan, take the following steps for better execution:

  • Designate a Leader
  • Determine a Time
  • Distribute Information
  • Continue Educating

How to Execute It

To prevent unnecessary stress or harm during a training event, prepare your staff ahead of time. Choose a team member to lead the group. Set a specific date and time, and distribute information about the training to inform all staff members. Educate individuals on what is expected and how to evacuate the building. You may even consider including diagrams to create a visual aid. Discuss the effects of smoke and fire damage, and how to stay safe in a commercial fire disaster. Once the fire drill has been completed, continue to educate team leaders and staff on what went well, and how to improve. Being ready for the real thing will require repetition and continued practice.

3 Mold Cleanup Tips

6/14/2021 (Permalink)

wooden floor removed, under wooden floor mold has been found If you find mold in your home it is important to get a licensed restoration company on site.

Mold Cleanup Tips

If you have a problem with black mold or other types of fungus in your home, it is important to remove the mold completely to prevent it from coming back. These three mold cleanup tips can help you resolve the problem.

1. Hire an Experienced Contractor
Removing mold properly requires specialized equipment and training. Look for an experienced mold remediation company in Franklin, TN. Ask for references and look for customer reviews online. Ask them if they follow EPA guidelines for mold remediation, and check for Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

2. Shut Off and Clean Your HVAC System
HVAC systems can spread black mold spores throughout your home if they have been contaminated. If you have noticed a moisture problem or mold near the intake, shut off the HVAC system to avoid potential spread. Contact an HVAC repair technician to address any moisture problems and have a professional clean the air ducts. To avoid future problems, schedule a yearly inspection of your HVAC system.

3. Address Moisture Issues
Mold growth is often caused by a moisture problem in your home. Have your plumbing inspected and get any leaks repaired. Dry out or discard any carpets, drywall, furniture or other items in your home that have gotten wet. If you are noticing mold in your bathroom, increase the ventilation by running a fan or opening the window and clean the room more frequently.
If your home has experienced flooding, it is important to dry it out as soon as possible. You can speed up the drying process by opening doors and windows and running fans. However, because this can also spread mold, it may be best to hire a professional.
The presence of black mold often indicates conditions in the home that need to be addressed to prevent it from coming back. These three tips can help you get rid of your mold problem and prevent it from returning.

Benefits of Choosing the Same Company for Fire Mitigation and Restoration

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

Worker using extracting vacuum on carpet floor, fire damage in a commercial building Commercial fire mitigation and restoration in Fairview, TN.

Using The Same Team For Mitigation And Restoration

A lot of fire damage can happen in a short amount of time. If your commercial building in Fairview, TN, catches fire, you will likely need professional cleanup and repair to get it back to normal. Many business owners will hire different companies to handle each of these processes, but there are a couple of key benefits to finding one team that is certified in both mitigation and restoration.

One benefit of hiring the same company to do the whole job becomes apparent in the assessment phase. After you call the fire mitigation experts to get repairs started, your next call is likely to be to your insurance provider. The insurance adjuster completes a walkthrough of the property, but it's the assessment of these experts that itemizes the expenses your payout should cover:

  • Material removal
  • Board up services
  • Soot and smoke cleanup
  • Restoration of building

When different technicians handle the mitigation steps and the rebuilding process, it's more challenging to guess what kind of restoration will need to be done. If the whole process is done by the same team, however, they can report the overall picture more clearly.

Extensive fire damage interrupts your business operations. The less time this interruption lasts, the more likely your business is to make it through with as little lost income as possible. One team that reports to the same company can streamline the process from assessment to restoration. When the same technicians who cleaned up the mess the fire left behind also rebuild the structure, you don't have to worry about communication gaps. This makes the overall process much more efficient.
When you have fire damage in your building, you want the entire process from assessment to the finishing touches to go smoothly and quickly. You can get back to business faster when you use the same team for both mitigation and restoration.

4 Essential Things To Do After Smelling Natural Gas in Your Home

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

burned stove and kitchen cabinets Kitchen fire in Arrington, TN.

Four Things To Do After Smelling Natural Gas In Your Home

If you begin to smell an odor similar to rotten eggs or sulfur in your Arrington, TN, home, you may be experiencing a gas leak. This could lead to a fire or an explosion. In this event, it's vital that you take immediate action. So, here are four essential things to do after smelling natural gas in your home.

1. Avoid Electrical Charges
Any use of electricity should be avoided at all costs. If you do use something electrical, whatever amount of gas is present could spark and create an explosion. These are some things to avoid:

  • Lights
  • Appliances (dishwashers, clothes dryers, etc.)
  • Plugs

2. Look at the Stove
The last thing you want is to have a big scare over nothing. Therefore, it's important to take a look at your stove and make sure it's not on. If it is, you may not be in danger of a gas fire at all. However, you should still stay safe and ensure that everything's okay before returning to normal.

3. Create Ventilation
If you aren't in immediate danger of a gas explosion, take the time to create ventilation. You can do this by opening every door and window possible. However, you'll want to avoid turning on electrical fans. By creating ventilation, you may be able to get some of the gas out of your home.

4. Leave Your Home
As soon as you can, it's vital that you leave your home. This is hard but necessary. If the worst happens and a gas fire occurs, you'll want to be far away from it. Once you're at least across the street, you can call 9-1-1 and locate a fire restoration service.
Smelling gas in your home can be a daunting experience. Regrettably, you can't spend too much time gathering yourself. Assess the potential of a gas fire and get to safety as soon as possible. Even if this precaution is unnecessary, it's still worth taking.